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Steps Involved in Getting Commercial Trucking Permits

Most economies in the world heavily rely on the transport sector as the main source of revenue. The transport industry is among one of the top job creators industries as well as generating income to many individuals. In this article we will focus on one aspect of the transport industry which is the trucking industry. The trucking industry has numerous regulation, hence before a truck company can begin its operations, there are certain factors that it need to have fulfilled and cleared with the governing body. The following are the guide to getting a commercial trucking permit.

The authorities require those wishing to operate heavy commercial trucks to first apply for a commercial driver’s license. In addition, if you want to operate a truck company, you need to ensure that all of your drivers have valid commercial driver’s licenses. Besides, before the drivers get the licenses, they need to undergo extensive check, training, and register for an exam and a driving test.
The other essential documents that a commercial truck company need to have before they are issued with a commercial truck permit is the motor carrier authority numbers. The authorities require truck companies to have the numbers before they companies are allowed to haul cargo. The numbers are vital as they used by the authorities to track a truck company’s safety record and compliance with regulations. On the other hand, the motor carrier authority number shows the type of cargo that a truck company is permitted by the authority to carry. The authorities require truck companies first to obtain a Motor Carrier Identification Report before they are issued with both the DOT number and the motor authority identification number.

Besides, truck companies need to also ensure that they have obtained the unified carrier registration. The unified carrier registration is vital since it identifies the insurance cover of the state where the truck company operates. Truck companies need to ensure that they have obtained the international registration plan before their trucks are permitted by the authorities to operate in all states. Truck companies need to ensure that they clearly understand the use of tax regulations. Another critical document before being getting a commercial trucking permit is the international fuel tax agreement. The fuel tax agreement is vital since it provides a report of the fuel consumed by the trucks moving around some states. Truck companies need to ensure that their trucks are allowed to operate in different states. The other vital documents that truck companies need to get before they are allowed to operate is the standard carrier alpha code which assist the authorities in identifying different truck transportation companies. The above mentioned document are essential for trucks companies before they are issued with commercial trucking permits.

Trucks: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Trucks: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make